Team Members:



Peter Dolezilek

Honoring the work of "Real Life Lorax" Cass Turnbull, founder of the Seattle Greenspace Coalition, we created an exhibition that would highlight a myriad of abandoned former sub-station lots owned by Seattle City Light. The People's Park Project uses a vibrant, eye-catching identity system focused on four promising sites in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Wooden-staked letters, takeaway pamphlets with perforated postcards, screen-printed neon signs and door-to-door seed bomb packets all serve to pull people into these sites, envision their potential, and take action on their future.

A Seattle-based Grassroots Greenspace Intervention.

Honoring the work of "Real Life Lorax" Cass Turnbull, the PPP highlights four abandoned sub-station lots throughout Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.

An eye-catching identity system draws in neighbors, while pamphlets with perforated postcards provide opportunity for action.

Seed bomb packets hung on doorknobs throughout the neighborhood invite residents to the lot.

Our installation was used by the Seattle Greenspace Coalition at their Summer Block Party event.