An athleisure clothing line. Welcome to the team where the points don't matter.

Hand-dyed pastel fabric combined with harsh mesh and denim textiles.

A tongue-in-cheek branding approach with a fashionable facade.

Collaged imagery and mismatched props take the sporting world into their own hands.

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Junior Varsity Website

For my capstone project I was given my final 10 weeks as a design student to explore any project that interested me. I chose to try something I had never done before, and create a clothing line. I was initially  inspired by the idea of pairing pastel tie dye with a loose jersey mesh. To contrast these soft pieces I blocked together light and dark wash denim. I sketched, patterned, dyed an sewed these fabrics, creating 13 one-of-a-kind pieces. I also branded the line, styled photoshoots, and created a catalog and website to showcase each piece.